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Do you miss some feature in phpWebStats? E-mail me (dracula007@atlas.cz) your feature request! If it's an interesting feature, I'll add it to the wishlist.

Core package

I've been asked to add a feature, allowing statistics of different actions (form submit, vote in an inquiry, view page, etc.) including such information as where did the visitor came from (which search engine, what kind of advert etc.). This should be extremely useful for evaluating efficiency of different advertisign campaigns.
It's an interesting feature, so I've decided to implement it into phpWebStats. Then I'll probably do something like "phpWebStats Lite" implementing just this new feature. I'm not sure about this, but if all you want is advertisign campaign efficiency evaluating, you probably don't need advanced features (browser, OS detection etc.)
OS & Arch presumptions
Most of the visitors won't give you the information about the used OS directly (as a part of the HTTP User Agent header). But for many browsers you can simply predict what OS was used, thanks to the basic fact that the browser doesn't exist for any other OS (for example Oregano usually runs on RISC OS, Netsurfer usually runs on NeXTStep/OpenStep, etc.) It's possible to do presumptions about architecture (Intel x86, Alpha, PPC, 68k, etc.) based on the OS knowledge. That means - the visitor runs Windows, so we can guess the platform is x86 and in most cases we'll be right.
I'll add this handy feature probably in the next version of phpWebStats, but implementing this feature means a small changes in the pws_browser and pws_os tables, but that shouldn't corrupt any existing data.

Visualisation package

Search engines keywords
When a visitor comes to your site from a search engine, the search string is usually stored in a HTTP Referer header, so you can extract this information. Actually this function is not implemented in phpWebStats, but the HTTP Rerefer string is stored in a database, so we can do it backwards.
PDF export
It'll be possible to download a generated PDF, containing the same information. No PHP recompile will be necessary, the FPDF class will be used.